NethServer comes in two different editions: a free version called Community and a set of products (which can be mixed together) collectively named Professional Edition.

The Professional Edition, developed and supported by Nethesis, differs from the Community in 5 areas:

  1. Updates: automatic daily upgrades, field tested
  2. Support: professional support by mail and phone, helpdesk portal
  3. Monitoring: remote monitoring and real time alerting, weekly reports
  4. Additional Documentation: knowledge base, video-manuals, faq
  5. Additional Products: proprietary software runs only on Enterprise

A Community install can be upgraded to Professional with a single command.

The table below highlights the differences among the free editions and the paid products.

Area Modules Community Edition UTM NethSecurity
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UC&C NethService
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IPPBX NethVoice
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ICT Monitoring
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HotSpot Manager
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Support Community-Based Support          
  Professional Support  
  Phone Support  
  Online Training  
  Service operation center and
  Automatic Updates  
  Enterprise Documentation  
  Config Management   coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon coming soon
Base Service Full Data Backup
Cloud Backup      
  Cloud Configuration Backup  
  LAMP Software
  Print Server        
  UPS Support  
  HotSync FailOver  
  HA   coming soon   coming soon    
Report Web Proxy Report        
  Bandwidth Monitor        
  Weekly Usage Report  
  Latency Monitor and Packet Loss
  Samba Audit        
  System Monitor
  Dashboard NethGUI
Firewall UTM Stateful Inspection        
  Advanced Firewall Rules        
  Port Forward        
  Web Proxy        
  Transparent Proxy HTTPS        
  OpenSource URL Filter        
  Cloud-based URL Filter          
  SMTP Proxy        
  VPN: L2TP, OpenVPN, IPsec        
HotSpot HotSpot (captive portal)        
  Cloud HotSpot Manager          
  HotSpot Manager on Premise & Radius
UC&C Mail Server        
  Fax Web Client          
  File Server        
  FTP Server        
  Groupware (sogo)        
  Exchange replacement          
  Instant Messaging (xmpp)        
  WebConference WebRTC       coming soon    
Virtualization KVM        
  KVM Web Interface        
IP PBX PBX Asterisk 11 coming soon        
  NethVoice GUI (freepbx) coming soon        
  Call Query Routing          
  Virtual Trunk          
  Fax Server Integration + T38          
  Configuration Wizard          
CTI/OpPanel CTI/UC/WebRTC          
  Operator Panel WebRTC          
Callcenter Callcenter Supervisor          
  CTI telephone bar          
PBX Reporting Telephone Charges Report          
  CallCenter ACD Report          
Hotel FIAS Integration          
  Hotel Phone Manager          
ICT Monitoring Nagios        
  OCS + New theme        
  Wizard OCS->Nagios          
  Software Remote Scanner          
  Hardware Remote Scanner          
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