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Do you need professional support on NethServer?

Hey NethServerians,

I’d like to keep you updated about our latest initiative.

Over the past few months our community members have asked a lot about professional support service on NethServer. Even if our community support is amazing,they have pointed out problems like these:

  • I need professional support when I don’t have anyone to call
  • I need support when I’m in a rush and I can’t wait.
  • I’m managing a critical infrastructure and community support is not enough for my needs
  • my boss doesn’t trust open source /nerds without a company behind them
  • I need to assure management that there is a certain level of official support if and when its required.

Attempting to resolve these problems, Nethesis is going to offer a NethServer subscription that will give you exclusive access to the Stable Updates repository, monitoring tools and immediate professional support services for your NethServer deployments.

The NethServer Subscription will cover:

  • critical installations
  • installations with multiple users
  • issues that need direct access to the server (via SSH or webUI)
  • issues that need prompt and decisive solutions

If you want to successfully deploy, monitor and manage your NethServer instances, complimenting your IT resources and increasing the efficiency and reliability of your service

Check our subscription plans out