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NethServer 6.6 RC1 release announcement

NethServer 6.6 RC1 has been released and is publicly available.

ISO direct download (455MB)

SHA1 9fe6e4355004df52881b833268b752915c86d282
MD5 f3be947e6403bdc636d39a281ca5a73d
torrent 693DBD1622B7AD4F0E2F79572AE87E3A2A3846B7


Since 6.6 Beta1 release:

  • root and admin users passwords are no longer synchronized
  • Delta RPMs from CentOS mirrors
  • Dashboard Disk Analyzer
  • Updates from Software center page
  • Revised ISO installer

Read carefully the Release notes3, what has been changed and instructions about how to upgrade from the previous 6.5.

As usual, a new installation can begin from

  • ISO, by erasing any existing data on the hard disk (!)
  • network, on a previously installed CentOS 6.6 minimal

Starting from 6.6 release, NethServer installations contact CentOS mirrors directly to retrieve upstream updates. NethServer specific packages are served by and other NethServer mirrors.

How to help and get help

  • Refer to the Administrator’s manual
  • The user documentation is a work in progress. Feel free to contribute by forking the GitHub repository

If you find a defect, for any question or suggestion, signup our community and reply there, you are welcome!

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