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NethServer 6.6 released

We are proud to announce a new NethServer release. This is a thrilling day for the whole NethServer Community. It has been a journey to get to this point and we are so excited about the journey ahead of us.

Because Running a Linux server should be easy

Download it now!

ISO (456MB) SourceForgetorrent

Upgrading previous releases

Upgrading from 6.6 RC1 is straightforward. From the Software center page, just check for available updates. For previous releases, check out the release notes.

First Configuration Wizard

At first login after system installation, the Server Manager displays a First Configuration wizard, where the administrator (root user) can set its password, change the host name, select the time zone and tune other security related settings.

We simplified the interactive installer removing some sections that were moved to the first configuration wizard.


New Software center

The Package manager page has been renamed Software center, and moved to the Administration section. To enhance the page usability, three separate tabs show respectively Available and Installed modules.

Updates can be installed with one click, even after reviewing the CHANGELOG.

Under the hood, system updates are speeded up by the yum-presto plugin, taking advantage of delta RPMs.



Built-in Disk space Analyzer

This tool is used to visualize disk usage in a simple and nice graph where you can interact with click and double click to navigate in the directories tree.

After installation go to Dashboard and then Disk usage tab and click Update to index the root directory and to display the graph. The file system is automatically indexed every night.


Yellow To-Do notifications

Helpful yellow todo boxes are shown after new module installation or configuration change, like the backup one which ask to Enable backup data for security reasons


Network card replacement assistant

A warning is shown on Dashboard and Network pages if network cards were replaced, or if a configuration backup has been restored on new hardware. A special procedure helps in restoring the network configuration.

Server certificate page

A new page, Server certificate shows the self-signed SSL certificate and allows generating a new one, customizing also the alternative names of the server. As a consequence, changing the host name from the Server name page does not generate a new SSL certificate any more. The same applies for the Organization contacts.

Phone Home

Added Phone Home to collect limited usage statistics (only the IP address and version of the system are sent to, to enable geolocation). Phone home is disabled by default, but could be enabled in the configuration wizard. Support our Community by enabling the Phone Home!

Simplified NethForge modules installation

Additional modules from NethServer community contributors are available from the NethForge repository. Enable it with a couple of commands, then proceed with installation from the Software center page.

Release Party Hangout

Follow the release party on Friday, March 27th at 17.30 (GMT) and check this topic for further details.

Join the NethServer Community

If you like what NethServer is doing, share our project with your friends and colleagues. Help us achieve global equality in access to growth through open source software!

For any question or suggestion, signup our community and reply below, you are welcome!


Thank you community for all of your support, feedback, and contributions to get us to this day

  • Alessandro Polidori
  • Alessio Fattorini
  • Andrea Marchionni
  • Cristian Manoni
  • Daniele Zardi
  • Davide Marini
  • Davide Principi
  • Edoardo Spadoni
  • Filippo Carletti
  • Giacomo Sanchietti
  • Giovanni Bezicheri
  • Harry Quackenboss
  • Jan Jacobs
  • Jeff Folk
  • Jelle
  • Luca Andreucci
  • Luca Gasparini
  • Lutchy Horace
  • Massimo Palazzetti
  • Matteo Mengoni
  • Michele Bortolotto
  • Nicola Rauso
  • Petr Pešava
  • Pier Angelo Rosset
  • Pierre Bourdin
  • Roberto Sitzia
  • Stefano Fancello
  • Stefano Zamboni
  • Stephane De Labrousse
  • Todd Firkins

and many others!


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  1. […] · Se ha añadido una herramienta llamada Phone Home que recolecta información del  uso de la dsitro. Phone Home está deshabilitado por defecto aunque su activación puede servir de ayuda a la comunidad ya que se envían datos de IPs y versiones del sistema operativo a los servidores de NethServer. Básicamente se acaba mostrando un mapa los servidores activos con NethServer.Para ver el mapa en tiempo real puedes visitar este enlace.Si tienes interés en montar un servidor del tipo de que sea, esta distribución parece bastante recomendable a todos aquellos que tengan una experiencia limitada en Linux y quieran disfrutar de todas sus herramientas y funciones sin necesidad de profundos conocimientos técnicos. NethServer 6.6 se distribuye en una imagen para ordenadores x86 de 64 bits que ocupa tan solo 456Mb. Para más información de esta versión en particular, puedes visitar el anuncio oficial. […]

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