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NethServer 6.7 Released!

We are proud to announce a new release, NethServer 6.7 ships today!

Download it now!

ISO (500MB) SourceForgeTorrent

Upgrading the previous release

Upgrading from 6.6 is straightforward, check out the Release Notes.

New WebTop Groupware

We have a new full-featured groupware, which implements the ActiveSync protocol, called WebTop.

PPPoE support

Work on PPPoE support was completed adding the option for Multi-Wan configurations, allowing the creation of a new PPPoE provider associated with an unassigned ethernet board.

OCSInventory and Adagios

Two fantastic new packages have been released: nethserver-adagios that installs and configures Adagios and nethserver-ocsinventory installs and configures OCS Inventory, moreover a new Monitoring group is available.

IPsec tunnels (net2net) web interface

Now it’s possible to create IPsec tunnels with devices from other manufacturers or between two NethServer, allowing advanced configuration customization to maximize interoperability and displaying tunnel status in a dedicated page.

DHCP advanced Options

A new “custom DHCP options” panel was added, to pass custom options to clients via DHCP protocol.

Restore by WebUI and support of previously installed modules

A simple web interface to restore data from backup is available, the user can now restore from latest backup, select a directory or search for it and restore one or more directory in the original destination or into a new directory. Also in a case of disaster recovery, the configuration backup supports the restore of previously installed modules.

And so much more

These are just the major highlights in 6.7 — there are literally hundreds of other tiny improvements, refinements, and bugfixes in 6.7 that we aren’t covering here, but we’d like to highlight:

  • Now you can configure green + red without having to install the firewall module separately
  • DHCP on VLANs
  • New Tomcat and Postgres packages
  • SOGO 2.3.1,
  • OwnCloud 7.0.10
  • SNMP support
  • Hairpin NAT
  • NAT 1:1
  • IP based SMTP access
  • Option to specify sender email address of the backup report
  • White and blacklist support for the POP3
  • Firewall rules support hosts within VPN zone

Thank you

As usual, we’d like to first thank the overall NethServer community for contributions toward this release — whether it was in pull requests, feedback, bug reports and suggestions. In particular, we’d like to highlight significant help in this release from our Testing Team.

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