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NethServer 7 alpha2 released

After a few months of hard work I’m proud to announce that NethServer 7 alpha2 has been released and is publicly available.

Alpha2 is a big step forward on the path of innovation, now we can finally take full advantage of the power of Centos 7. At long last, many modules have been updated to last release available and some small features that were requested often have been added.

We’re thrilled to share it with you and hear your feedback. We’ve got a lot of news to share with you, so let’s jump right into it.


There are a ton of major changes to NethServer and it’s impossible to cover them all in detail here, so here are some of our favorite highlights:

  • finally NethServer is based on CentOS 7
  • more than 100 packages have been rebuilt
  • many modules updated:
    • Hylafax+ 5.5 from EPEL (fax services are now handled by systemd)
    • Roundcubemail 1.1.4
    • SOGo 3
    • Snort 2.9.8 with support for OpenAppID
    • Owncloud 8.2
    • Ejabberd 16 from upstream
    • ntopng 2.2
    • WebvirtMgr 4.8.9 (KVM virtual machines manager)

New landing page

A new landing page for nethserver-httpd is added for helping new users to find getting started information

New landing page

Handle service by WebUI

Each service can now be started/stoped/restarted pushing a button


Web applications are integrated

The following web applications are now integrated inside the Server Manager:

  • CGP (collectd graphs), installed by default with collectd
  • Samba audit
  • Lightsquid (web proxy statistics), installed by default with Squid


NethForge enabled by default into the Software Center

We have given more visibility to NethForge, the place where find extra modules built by the community


Download and Test

We need your help to make NethServer 7 the best release yet, so please take some time to download and try out the Alpha and make sure the things that are important to you are working.

If you find a bug, please report it – every bug you uncover is a chance to improve the experience for thousands of NethServer users worldwide.

Together, we can make NethServer rock-solid. We have a culture of coordinating new features and pushing fixes upstream as much as possible, and your feedback will help improve not only NethServer but Linux and free software as a whole.

Ready to check it out? Then head to the docs and download the Alpha2

NethServer 7 Alpha2

Special mention

To Dz00t3 for helping to rebuilt some packages and Robb who helped me to write this Announcement