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NethServer 8 is the new NethServer version with a different architecture and a brand new UI.

We changed the product but our mission has remained untouched.
NethServer 8 is still easy to administrate and perfectly suited for small offices and medium enterprises.

Application hosting platform

It’s an application hosting platform that provides a simplified yet comprehensive experience for deploying, managing, and scaling your container-based applications. 

On-premises or in the cloud

You can easily manage your container infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, all from one convenient location. Plus, with multi-node installation, you can scale your infrastructure to meet the needs of your growing business.

Modular and customizabile

Its modular design makes it customizable to fit specific needs, and its active community ensures continuous improvements and updates.

One platform, everywhere

So, if you crave a reliable, easy-to-use, adaptable, and capable application hosting platform, look no further than NethServer 8: one platform to run your apps and data anywhere.

NethServer 8 is totally different

While NethServer 7 is an operating system built on top of CentOS 7 and It is heavily-coupled with the underlying OS, NethServer 8 is OS-agnostic and orchestrates container-based applications.

Installable on different Linux distributions

NethServer 8 can run on different Linux distributions from CentOS Stream 9 to Debian 11.

Multi-node architecture

It installs applications using containers and configures them using a brand new architecture which supports also multi-node configuration

Brand New UI

NS8 user interface is completely new. We say goodbye to Cockpit and welcome a web application developed with Vue.js and based on responsive Carbon Design

One node, many instances

Multiple versions of the same software are installable on the same node, thanks to the power of the containers



Any question? Looking for more information?

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