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NethServer Community at FOSDEM ’16

As every year we’re going to FOSDEM the largest FOSS events in the EU taking place January 30th and 31st in Brussels.

It will be an amazing opportunity to meet up, chat, and drink a beer together. Some of NethServer community will be definitely there

I’m also very happy to announce my talk about NethServer, called “Linux Server Administration for non-expert users”, was accepted and scheduled at 14:15 on Saturday We have planned 3 appointments:

  • Talk about NethServer, 14:15, Saturday, Distributions devroom
  • NethServer Community Meeting – 15.00 Saturday, January 30th, the Fosdem coffee bar
  • NethServer Community Dinner – 20.30 Saturday, January 30th, Amadeus

If you’re coming to this event, please ping me and come to say hi!

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