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NethServer: ownCloud 1-Click install


OwnCloud is a web application that stores data in your own machine in a centralized manner. The service is similar to Dropbox, but your personal data reside in your personal server under your control, not in someone else’s data center. OwnCloud permits to store your files, folders, contacts, photo galleries, calendars (and more) on a server of your choice. Access files from your mobile device, your desktop, or a web browser. Access your data wherever you are, whenever you need it. Keep your files synchronized amongst your devices. One folder, two folders or more – get the most recent version of your files with the desktop and web client or mobile app of your choice, at any time.

The problem

Installing and properly configuring ownCloud requires some effort: you need to install the web server, the database, the software and integrate all those parts together. And if you need to integrate it with your existing system user and groups ? Or configure a daily incremental backups ? Or if you want to manage automatic update/upgrade to the latest version ? Using NethServer is possible to have an ownCloud 1-Click installation.

What is NethServer?

NethServer is an open source Linux distribution which main target is to simplify all operations to maintain a server. It offers a simple and easy to use web interface, to install and configure all features of a server, from user creation to software installation.

Let’s install

With NethServer, you can install ownCloud with 1-single click and start to use it immediately.

  • Install ownCloud from package manager. Point your browser to NethServer Package manager and select ownCloud from the list, then click Apply.

NethServer ownCloud package

  • Package manager will download the latest ownCloud version and install it.

NethServer ownCloud installing

Login to ownCloud

  • Once installation is complete you can login to ownCloud with your NethServer user account at https://your_server/owncloud. You can always login as “admin” user.

NethServer ownCloud login

  • On the first login you will see the welcome message:

NethServer ownCloud welcome

  • And now you can use your data as you prefer:

NethServer ownCloud

ownCloud is amazing and NethServer is the best choice to use it without any effort, easily and quickly.

Enjoy! 😉

Written from Alessandro Polidori and Alessio Fattorini

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