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NethServer September Development Updates

In this post we’d like to describe NethServer development in the last two months, in the period we have closed 42 issues, let’s cover the biggest changes among them. If you have any input on the report, let me know replying below.

First, above all, NethServer 6.7 rc1 is ready for testing so we’re close to the final release! :rocket:

A new custom dhcp options panel was added, now users can pass custom options to client via dhcp (proposed by @SamE) and a bunch of new software was updated: ntopng, spamassassin, roundcubemail, owncloud
enter image description here

We have completed the work on PPPoE support adding such choice into the Multi Wan configuration panel and now firewall rules support hosts within VPN zone then the user has the ability to create rules involving a vpn role and a single host VPN client.

@giacomo has worked hard on the configuration backup and now in case of disaster recovery, the configuration backup supports the restore of previously installed modules, also he avoided slapd restart when updating openldap-servers package since can lead to conflicts with the upstart script.

Thanks to @Carlos_Fernandez_S suggestions @davidep has added DHCP on VLANs (with the help of @nas PR)

Two fantastic new packages have been released nethserver-adagios that installs and configures Adagios and nethserver-ocsinventory installs and configures OCS Inventory (thanks to @nrauso, @dz00te, @jobezic) moreover a new Monitoring group is available

Pop3 Connector table has now a new column (proposed and developed by @dz00te) while @davidep has merged nethserver-password into nethserver-directory since as standalone package does not guarantee the password policy function is available on every system

Looking forward to 6.7rc1 Italian languages pack becomes always optional and the only must-have language will be English, also we have dropped lokkit support using always shorewall furthemore new about 2000 words are translated and merged on our Transifex platform last month

We hope you enjoyed the read!

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